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What Are Solo Ads?

Solo ads is is a form of dirt cheap PPC (Pay Per Click) traffic source, where you pay per click but you do not pay for ads to appear on a website, instead you pay someone with a mailing list targeted in your niche to send out an email with your offer.

It's different from many other PPC traffic sources like Facebook Ads, Google Adwords or Bing PPC in three important ways.



Burning HOT Leads

The traffic generated through solo ads is delivered to you with a state of mind to buy something. IF you think about it, traffic is real people viewing your offer and since they came to your offer through a solo ad they had been recommended your offer via an email sent to them.

No Rules & Regulations

Solo ads does not suffer from rules and regulations like self served PPC networks like Google Adwords and Facebook does.



Instant Results

Compared to traditional PPC which is very slow since you have to go through all of the hustle to get your ad listed and approved by the network and it can take days, or even worse weeks.

With Solo Ads you'll be up and running almost instantly. We want to get you results fast instead of dealing with time consuming stuff that doesn't produce any money.

You could literally be making sales by tomorrow!

Solo Ads = Email Traffic

Another huge upside is that solo ads deliver primarily email traffic.

Email leads buy things.

In a head-to-head performance assessment email advertising beats almost all other traffic sources and goes toe-to-toe with Organic Search, Referrals And Paid Search. Social trails way behind. It offers fewer paying customers and 1/20th the customer lifetime value of email.

That's why I'm sticking to email marketing and solo ads as my primary marketing meda for the next 5 years.

Email lead pool dwarfs social media.

Solo ads are still heavily under-used by marketers.

We Make Buying So Easy

Unlike the other sellers that complicate the process, With us, it's Easy!


Grow Your Business

We are here to do only one thing: Help you take Your Business to the Next Level : Grow your Email List, Grow Your Audience, Grow Your Sales!

Fed Up With the Rubbish?

Most sellers just swap and regurgitate the same incestuous traffic! However OUR targeted solo ads traffic is Fresh and highly responsive.


Premium Email Traffic

Our offfer... Premium Email Traffic, At Affordable Prices! premium solo ads, Built with the latest & cleanest list building methods.

100 Clicks with 10% overage.

The Optimal Solution For Building Your List Fast, Without Tire-Kickers

As Low As $0.37/click, So You Can Grow Your Business Even Faster

Traffic For List Builders

Higher Chances Of Sales

I know for sure what every online business and every offer need traffic, targeted, warm traffic of people that want to buy your offer. And that's exactly what a solo ad is all about, and I'm gonna explain why.

A solo ad basically means that you get access to my mailing list and that I send YOUR AD to my list and you'll receive the amount of visitors we agreed on. Plus overdelivery!

Seriously... There's no hotter traffic than E-Mail traffic. Simply because they are already being pre-sold to in the E-Mail I send out. So basically I've already sold your offer to the person reading the E-Mail before he or she click on YOUR link and end up on your page.

Comparing to any other traffic like Google, Facebook or Bing PPC solo ads will rock your results. Imagine if you buy a PPC ad on Google or Facebook and a person clicks on your ad, they are still cold prospects because they have no relation to you, they never heard of you and they probably would not.

Conversion rate for cold traffic is usually between 5% - 10% if it's good, yes if it's good. And in my opinion that is actually bad.

When you buy a solo ad first of all it's cheaper, a click on Google or Facebook can easily cost $2 - $10 while a solo ad is usually $0.50 - $1 per click depending on solo quality.

The list owner has a relationship with his/hers email list so when the traffic hits your page they have already been sold to and more important they'd been referred to your page by somebody they know and trust. That is warm, even HOT traffic and that's why you should go get it right now.


Before the Price Goes Up!

Here's hoping that you do things faster and easier from now on

To your sucessful marketing,

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Terms of Service - Please Read

1. Your offer must not be deceiving in any way, shape or form.

2. I Reserve the right to cancel and refund any solo ad that I deem inappropriate to be sent to my list.

3. I Reserve the right to send your ad earlier than date scheduled (unless specifically requested not to do so).

4. Downloads/Free offers must be easy to access.

5. All sales are final and there are NO refunds for this service. If you have any doubts about this service do not purchase it.

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