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1000+ Leads Guarantee - $99
Limited Time Special Of Only $79!

We are committed to help you get out there and grow your list through JV partnerships and opportunities. Free events to join to get your message out there and boost your list!

We are personally organizing a series of giveaway events. Our own series of free events to allow all of us to spread our messages around and get new targeted subscribers/leads/costumers.

The events are free and will be always free. As in most JV events, there is of course the possibility to upgrade your account to get more gifts/ads/special offers. But this is optional. It is neither necessary nor needed.

The special thing is that there is the possibility to co-host them together with us. It costs $99 Limited Time Special Of Only $79.

However, there is a minimum of 1000+ Giveaway Event Signups Guarantee. If the number is not reached you have the right to another co-hosted event for free.

PLUS... For a limited time we will also send you not only the FULL CSV list of all your event signups... we will also include a CSV list of an additional 1000+ signups from another event as well for a total of 2000+ signups.

We are, of course, committed in promoting them to our high targeted network of experts and subscribers in order to generate a maximum number of really targeted subscribers.

Udimi, a popular solo ad site sales a single solo ad at a minimum pricing of $0.35 per hundred depending on the seller. With that purchase you may or may not get a guarantee overage which is typically 10-20%. So now you have purchased a single solo ad of 100 hits (110 to 120) with overage, however what you get in sales or signups could be as low as ZERO or more than likely 10-20 subscribers.

So let's do the math... A single solo of 100 cost $35 ($38 with the Udimi fee) and you get say 20 subscribers (typically less), so how much does it take to reach 1000 subscriber?

$38 times 5 = $190 giving you 100 subscribers ($1.90 per lead). WOW, that's a long way from 1000+ more expensive and time consuming.

If you think about it, we are offering a TRUE bargain. Less than $0.079 per lead!

And We've Got You Covered!

We take care about everything:

Install the script
Design the Graphics
Host the Event
Build and install all the pages
Approve all the Gifts
Approve all the One Time Offers
Handle all the support issues as required
Advertise the event from start to finish insuring maximum promotion

And of course...Our 1000+ Giveaway Event Signup Guarantee!

This truly is an excellent option with all the money and marketing potential you gain from a joint venture giveaway with "YOUR NAME" attached!

What Are The Benefits Of YOU Co-Hosting

Here are just some of the benefits of Co-Hosting an Event:

Enter your auto responder HTML codes to capture all the event signups
List YOU as the co-host of the event
Receive an upgraded contributors account
Enter additional Gifts to boost your other auto responder campaigns
Enter Special Offer and Text For More $$$
You Will Instantly Build A List To Market To
You Will Build a List of Members, and Joint Venture Contributors
You Will Make New Contacts (Fantastic for future JV potential)
You Will Be Branding Your Name (Instantly increase recognition as a marketer)
Earn Money Selling Upgrades
Monetize the event with your admin text ad

What Our Customers Are Saying...

When I first saw Davids website advertising to run your own JV Giveaway for the price. I thought that it can't be a very good one with all the quality the likes run by other top marketers. How wrong was I.
David is a real master at JV Giveaways. Not only working with me to set it up and get it running but he also advertises with you and brings in the major JV players. Anyone looking to build their list and generate income, you really MUST work with David and his JV Giveaways. I will personally be running my JV's with David. Not only does he know how to set it up and be successful, but he is a hell of a nice guy to work and partner with. And I thank you David Railey.
Gary Neame

I have bought into far more list building programs then I care to admit to, but never thought any thing could work the way this did.Best money I ever spent, plus, I got it all back and a list to boot.
For not just building a list, but the best one on one learning opportunity I have experienced anywhere, I have to say thank you David, and look forward to the next one.
Tony Hollon

Thanks so much David for the opportunity to be a co-host on the recent Gift Giveaway! It was a great way to add nearly 1400 people to my new list.
I'm eager to begin marketing to this new batch of subscribers. And thanks again for your responsiveness when I had issues technically on my end - it was great to know you had me covered throughout the process.
Amy Blain

A JV event is a very original approach to getting subscribers!!!
Thank you for ALL your help in helping me to get more new subscribers on my list. Great job and highly recommended!
Looking forward to a long lasting business relationship
Anne Marie Ronsen

Thanks to David and his team, being a co-host to one of the JV Giveaway events has added hundreds of responsive subscribers to my email list. I have had some high open rates and some interaction with fair few of them, have lined up some strategy sessions with a view to them purchasing my training program.
If you are looking for quality subscribers that want to hear what you have to offer I would highly recommend you co-host an event.
David has been there every step of the way, responding very quickly with any questions I had. It was very easy to setup, David and his team did it all for me and the subscribers started to roll in when they said they would.
List building has never been so easy. I look forward to working with David in the future with more JV Events and co-hosting
Claire Washington

I have always wanted to run my own JV Giveaway Event, but didn't think I had the experience to pull it off. Then I came across David Railey, saw his work and decided to let him show me how to do it.
Best decision I ever made!. David worked with me personally right from the beginning, setting everything up and explaining what to do and how to do it. He brought in tons of signups himself and greatly contributed to the overall success of my first JV Giveaway Event. I will personally be running my JV's with David. Not only does he know how to set it up and be successful, but he is a hell of a nice guy to work and partner with.
Thanks David, for making this such a good experience. I'm really looking forward to my next one.
Rick Ray

I love working with David!
When we connected we were both doing giveaway events and decided to do one together. It was by far one of the best run and organized events I have ever been a part of! After the success of this event I then hired David to do my own giveaway. "Let Them Eat Cake" for my bday celebration Giveaway. What fun!!
He is easy to work with and very reachable. I really like that part as I have worked with folks that I can never get a hold of and that is very frustrating!
I love Davids unique way of looking at things. He has a great eye and always comes up with great stuff! What an imagination!
I definitely will be doing more with David in the future. Why leave a great thing? Thanks David for everything. Not only as a business person, but as a new friend as well.
Adrienne Lee

Ask yourself this... How long will it take to add 1000+ new
subscribers to your list with what you are currently doing?

"Build Your list In Weeks Not Months Or Years!"

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We only run 2 events per month and they are filled quickly. Order your co-hosted event NOW to secure your spot and build your list in WEEKS not months or years.



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