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Do You Need A List?

Finding it hard to get the leads you need to promote?

Not making sales the way you need to?

You've just landed on a list builders GOLD MINE!

I've been building my list for over 12 years and all of my hard work and expense is now your gain. I have used adswaps, solo ads and giveaways for over a decade and now I can help you get an instant list of subscribers!

Do you know that Udimi, a popular solo ad site sales a single solo ad at a MINIMUM pricing of $0.35 per 100 solo ads (prices average around $0.59 per 100) depending on the seller plus Udimi fee of $3.

With that purchase you may or may not get a guarantee overage which is typically 10-20%. So now you have purchased a single solo ad of 100 hits (110 to 120) with overage, however what you get in sales or signups could be as low as ZERO or more than likely 10-20 subscribers.

So let's do the math... A single solo of 100 cost $35 ($38 with the Udimi fee) and you get say 20 subscribers (typically less), so how much does it take to reach 1000 subscriber?

$38 times 5 = $190 giving you 100 subscribers. ($1.90 per lead).

WOW, that's a long way from 1000 and a great deal more expensive and time consuming.

But with one single purchase you can get that entire number of subscribers at a fraction of that price!

*What I am offering you is... Full list (CSV File) with Name, Email, IP Address, Unix Timestamp, Date, Time and signup from url. All are current from years (2018/2019) subscribers priced as low as $0.01 cent per lead.

So there is NO repeat selling of the same list over and over...

Q. Are they buyers or freebie seekers?

A. They are both. You can turn any person into a buyer if they can sample (E.G. ebook, software, free trial offer) the products you are selling. The best in the industry succeed in their sales by giving away freebies. Just copy their success.

Q. Are they real people?

A. Absolutely! Every person on these list are real and have requested my products or services this year. General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Compliant

* Are you a personal development, self help or fitness marketer? I've got you covered!

* Maybe more of an IM niche marketer, eBooks, sofware, graphics, coaching programs... I've got you covered!

For a limited time I am giving you 20% additional leads on your order!

You pick the market I've got your list.

BONUS #1... Email Sales Blueprint.
  A $27 Value

"Copy These Exact Email Tactics That Will Get You More Clicks and Opens"

Just Follow Along As You're Guided Every Step Of The Way!

Email Sales Blueprint gives you the proven strategies used by successful marketers to take your business to the next level, just by following along as you're guided every step of the way.

With this complete system to email marketing, you will be able to create highly profitable mailing lists that are busting at the seams with fresh, responsive subscribers in record time!

BONUS #2...100 Auto Responder Email Marketing Messages.
  A $37 Value

100+ 'Plug-N-Play' Email Marketing Messages!

Your complete "fill in the blank" autoresponder series you can use for ALL your
internet marketing lists and is geared toward TEN main areas of your business!

Easy Email Copy!

"100's of Full PLR Editable Emails"   These PLR Emails will save you tons of time and money.
32 money making topics make this email package an easy money making solution! No more waiting
for a writers just use the easy to edit source files to convert to any site or product you wish.

BONUS #3... Your choice... Auto Responder or Blast Mailer script.
  A $47 Value

BONUS #4...Email Message Validator Software.
  A $37 Value

Validate and optimize your email coopy for the best results!
This software helps get your messages where they belong...The INBOX!

So how much you ask???


   1000 Leads

   $.008 per lead

   20% Bonus Leads

   Total 1200

   Bonus #1

   Bonus #2

   Bonus #3



   2500 Leads

   $.006 per lead

   20% Bonus Leads

   Total 3000

   Bonus #1

   Bonus #2

   Bonus #3

   Bonus #4


   5000 Leads

   $.005 per lead

   20% Bonus Leads

   Total 6000

   Bonus #1

   Bonus #2

   Bonus #3**

   Bonus #4


   10000 Leads

   $.003 per lead

   20% Bonus Leads

   Total 12000

   Bonus #1

   Bonus #2

   Bonus #3**

   Bonus #4

* $25 $7.97

* $50 $17

* $75 $27

* $100 $37

**Your choice of autoresponder or blast mailer script installed for you on your host.

With "DOUBLE" order quantity during the BUY ONE GET ONE SALE, simply place your order and we will upgrade it to a double order! Buy 1000 and get 2400, buy 2500 and get 6000, buy 5000 and get 12000, buy 10000 and get 24000. (All Buy One Get One include 20% bonus emails)

Billy Davis - "I purchased a small list to test this out. Just ONE mailing resulted in 83 clicks, 41 signups, and 24 paid sales for a total of $157.62 in revenue. Needless to say I've already placed my second order. Thank you David!""

Bill Hudson - "Purchased my list of 1000 yesterday and today I already have 6 sales. Made my money back with a tidy little profit"

Josh Bryant - "To tell the truth I was skeptical of this purchase, but you made a believer out of me. Immediate sales, I can't thank you enough. Thank you David"

Alan Leighton - "What can I say other than AWESOME. My first email to the 3000 list you sent me converted to a 17% click through rate, that's an insane number. Well Done David!"

Lisa Alister - "The service you offer is incredible. Bookmark this webpage. Save the link. Tell your friends."

Jonathan James - "My company has a small marketing budget and we wouldn't be able to afford all the expense required to build a big list, so finding it here was a huge win for our company. It makes it easy being able to go to one site for leads as opposed to aimlessly searching the web and using sites that I donít trust. This site really helped take my Internet marketing to the next level! Five stars."

Greg Anderson - "I run a small business and I wouldn't consider myself technically proficient at all, but this makes it simple. Getting help from the right people in the know really made a huge difference for me! Highly recommended!"

Brandon Davis - "WOW... That's all I can say. This simply put WORKS!"

Jennifer Anderson - "I have made purchases from David for years and this one certianly doesn't disappoint. Truly awesome. Thank you!"

Sharon Lovett - "I made my purchases of a list and got the Blast Mailer Script. Truly easy to setup and works perfectly. What an incredible deal. Thank you!"

Mike Thomas - "Made the purchase and WOW, talk about over delivery. Bought the 10K package and received over 24K. Will buy again. Best purchase this year to date."

Pierre - "Great website. If you are looking to make some extra cash right from home well this is it. I am certainly glad I found this site by pure hazard and do not regret it at all."

Ken - "David, We have been doing business for years, and I continue to take advantage of your offers ... You find and offer things that save me hours and hours of 'Google' time for just a few bucks - and time is money ... You are the most generous with your low pricing and HUGE deals! Best regards."

Jon Zuck - "Great stuff here, really valuable to me. I've been looking for this for some time now Thank you."

Tony B. - Honestly! This is one great website. You provide the sweetest products for anyone with a desire to make more money. I want to thank you."

So how big a list do you need TODAY?

Click the buttons above beside the quantity you want or... Contact me at
Include the amount of leads, the niche you desire and an email address of where to send the PayPal invoice to get you started right now with your sales and promotions. Billing will be based on your requested number and niche only.

Think about it...

In a few short minutes you could be marketing to Your OWN List of Subscribers!

Marketing success starts with just one step, make this the one. Order Today!



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